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Keytrack lets lawyer and others track property conveyances via personalised email and SMS text message to permit total, real time information about the state of any property transaction.

The information and updates are stored in your KeyTrack® site indefinitely.

KeyTrack® has a CRM system, enabling you to email your database of clients, Mortgage Brokers and other parties that you may regularly use in completion of your property deals sending weekly and daily reminders of conditions and settlements that are coming up.

KeyTrack® allows you to communicate with all Trustees of Family Trusts and Company Directors simultaneously as well as permitting you to be selected as a lawyer/legal executive when a Real Estate Agent creates their own marketing reports in KeyTrack® (MSRs).

In fact, only KeyTrack® licensed lawyers can be added to these MSRs, to subsequently receive the MSR Email updates from the agent.

All law firm users can login to KeyTrack® and view the progress of all property deals at your firm. All KeyTrack’s functionality is ‘real time’ including access to KeyTrack’s ‘real time’ Database of Real Estate Agencies, with their associated Managers, Administrators and Agents listed, throughout New Zealand.

You also receive the benefit of being on the ‘Find a Lawyer’ page, which is becoming an increasing popular way for the public to source their lawyer, with the site averaging 350,000 hits per month (July 2006). You receive the benefit of KeyTrack’s ownership of the domain names and that are soon to be released to search engines globally.

The amount of paper on your files is reduced as KeyTrack® utilises modern forms of communication, being the email and SMS text message updates.

All functionality enhancements are “real time” and are free to law firms. No technicians are required to load outdated software onto your server.

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